Formulated to restore, strengthen and rejuvenate skin, this reparative serum combines 100% vegan EGF with a bio-active peptide recovery complex for a youthful glow. Product Features:Restoring: 100% Vegan EGF works in synergy with your skin to activate natural EGF receptors and accelerate epidermal regenerationStrengthening: Multi-peptide complex fortifies skin barrier to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinklesCustomizable: Use full strength as a reparative serum or mix with other serums and moisturizers for a boost of reparative benefitsKey Ingredients:Epidermal Growth Factor: A synthetic, reparative ingredient that mimics a protein natural to human skin and provides healing benefits; EGF signals cells to boost collagen and elastin production to improve and maintain elasticity, clarity and an overall youthful appearanceMultipeptide Complex: Powerful peptides help firm skin and stimulate repairHyaluronic Acid: Draws moisture into the skin to provide hydrationDirectionsApply drops directly after cleansing and toning twice daily or mix with other serums and moisturizers for a reparative boost.

Glo Skin Beauty Bio-Renew EGF Drops